Colorado’s Source for Electrical Education

The State of Colorado has requirements for Apprentice Education and Continuing Education. Our goal is to make the required education affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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Colorado’s source for Electrical education

Our goal is to make the Colorado required education available to anyone anywhere.

Empower Your career Through Education

Empowered Electrical Education provides unique, convenient and affordable programs. Our Apprenticeship Education Program is available in a live, online, interactive, virtual classroom. Our Continuing Education Courses are available as learn at your own pace on your schedule, self paced programs.

Our Programs

Whether we are instructing new apprentices or experienced, licensed electricians, we pride ourselves in teaching relatable content in a way that is easy to understand and retain.

Apprenticeship Program

This is an accelerated 18-month course that meets the State of Colorado’s requirements. The weekly interactive course is conveniently available in our virtual classroom. This allows students the opportunity to join our class and interact with the instructor and other students in real-time.

Continuing Education

We offer Colorado State approved Continuing Education courses. These courses are conveniently offered as self paced programs. These courses can be completed at your own pace, on your schedule without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Gain knowledge about current NEC Code Changes, or get a refresher in Grounding & Bonding, Wiring Methods, and Theory & Calculations. Click above to learn more about current course offerings.

How Do We Compare?

Course Length Tuition/Books Virtual Classroom

Empowered Electrical Education

18 months $3,325/$3,625

IEC- Rocky Mountain 48 months $6320-$9720

Rocky Mountain Electrical Trade Institute 48 months $7,800

What You Will Experience

Frequently asked questions

Is the Apprentice Course tuition for one semester or the entire course?

The $3,000.00 tuition covers the entire 18-month/288-hour course. The book cost of $325.00 also covers the entire course.

How does the virtual classroom work?

With a laptop/PC or smartphone/tablet, students can join our virtual classroom through an emailed link. Students can hear the instructor & students in the physical classroom and can use the chatbox to communicate. There are options for students to use a microphone and/or web camera to address the class also.

Do you offer grants or financing for tuition?

We do not offer any grants, but we do have a payment plan for the Apprenticeship Course. During enrollment, there is an option for 3 payments. The first payment is for the first semester and all the course books. Then there are 2 more payments that are due every six months.

When should an Apprentice start the Apprenticeship course?

We suggest that an Apprentice have between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 years of on-the-job experience before enrolling in our Apprenticeship Course.

For the Apprenticeship course, is there any hands-on training?

Our course does not involve any hands-on training. We believe that Apprentices should be receiving this training as they work in the field. Our focus is training on the NEC requirements for installing electrical systems safely, along with meeting the Colorado State requirements for classroom education.

Are there tests for the Apprenticeship course?

Yes, we will have tests periodically throughout the course. These tests are administered through our online LMS (Learning Management System). Students can access and complete their tests on the same device that they use to join class. The tests are scored automatically and will be available for re-test and review in the student’s online dashboard.

What happens if I miss an Apprenticeship class?

We understand that over the 18-month course, other commitments may arise. We ask that the students communicate this to the instructor. We will then give the student access to the recorded version of the class and ask that the student view that recording before the next week’s class. The recording is only available with an excused absence and is not an acceptable way to consistently join the class. We do track attendance. If the student’s attendance is unsatisfactory and or continually unexcused, we reserve the right to terminate the remainder of the student’s course or discuss alternate resolutions.

Does the Apprenticeship Course take summers off?

We do not take a summer break for the Apprenticeship Course.

Do you take any Holidays off for the Apprenticeship Course?

Yes, we take the 2 weeks off over Christmas & New Years. We may cancel a weekly class for a Holiday depending on what day of the week the Holiday is on compared to the class night.

Are your Continuing Education Courses Colorado State approved?

Yes, we are an approved course provider for all of our Continuing Education Courses.

Is your Apprenticeship Course Colorado State approved?

The State of Colorado does not have an approval process for the required 288 hours of Apprenticeship Education. However, we strictly follow all of the State regulations, and we are recognized by the State of Colorado. We have had many Apprenticeship students graduate our course and go on to pass their Journeyman’s test and become successful electricians.

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