Apprenticeship Education

Apprenticeship Course Information

The most accelerated, affordable & convenient course in Colorado!

As native Coloradans, we understand how diverse our State is geographically and realized that many apprentices did not have access to the required education. We offer our Apprenticeship Education Course in a live, interactive, virtual classroom. This allows anyone convenient access to our course.

The Virtual Classroom

With a PC, laptop or tablet, students can join our weekly evening class from the comfort of their home or office. We utilize a state of the art Learning Management System. All online courses and tests are administered through this system. We also have live recordings in the event that a student can not attend the live course.

Live Interactive Polling

We also utilize an audience participation platform that allows our instructor to ask questions that our students can respond to with a smart device in real-time. This allows for great interaction and keeps students involved and interested.

In the virtual classroom, students will be able to see all materials and they will hear the instructor. Online students can ask questions or make comments by typing into the chatbox. They also have the option with a camera and/or microphone to be seen on screen and to be able to verbally address the class. They can even have access to share their screen if they want to share something. These tools allow for great collaboration.


Our Apprenticeship Education Course is an 18-month course, broken into three six month semesters. We meet the required 288 hours of classroom education by joining one evening a week from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Enrollment is Open for our June 25th, 2024 Apprentice Education Course!

Tuition and Books

Tuition is $3,000 for the entire course. We proudly utilize Mike Holt Enterprises for our curriculum. The books for the entire course are $325. We can also supply a current NEC code book with tabs for an additional $175.

The tuition and books can be paid in full upon enrollment, or we offer a convenient payment plan. This payment plan consists of three payment installments. Upon enrollment, the first-semester tuition of $1,000 and course books of $325 are due.  The second tuition payment of $1,000 will be due upon the start of the second semester. The third and final payment of $1,000 is due at the start of the third semester.

Course Completion

At the completion of the course, Empowered Electrical Education will send the student a course completion certificate and other documents that will need to be submitted for licensure. We will also make certain that the student knows how to apply through the state for their test and license.

What You’ll Experience

What You Will Experience